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Animated Overture (2018)

An insight into the wild past of Don Pasquale, an old bachelor who plans to marry in order to punish his nephiew Ernesto.

Client :   
Dramativ Advisers Opera : 

Animation Director :         

Design . Animation :          Producer:                   

Compositing :
Overture played by :         
Production :              

Staatstheater Stuttgart 

Jossi Wieler . Sergio Morabito

Kiana Naghshineh

Kiana Naghshineh

Stefan Michel

Studio Seufz

Staatsorchester Stuttgart

Studio Seufz



The animated short Don Pasquale tells the story of Don Pasquale's youth during the overture, which is played life by the Staatsorchestra Stuttgart.
The Animation is screened on stage. Since everything's played life during the opera, we had to divide the entire film into little segments that could be looped and retimed life on location. After the animation and the overture are finished, the stage setting changes and we see a wonderfully perfromed play.

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